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(*) If you wish to participate, you can sign up by shopping at the store


ROUND TABLE: The creative process: with the artists participating in Lumínic

Date: 11 of June from 17:30h

Round table where the photographers participating in the festival (Camila Oliveira, Daniela Pafundi, José Luís Carrillo i Ludwig Nikulski) will tell us in the first person what their way of working is and how they face their creative processes. and how they do it.
They will also tell us about their new projects and some stories of their creative experience.


ACTIVITY: Pasted of photographs with Camila Oliveria

Date: 10 of June at 18h

Pasted of photographs by by Camila Oliveria to the walls of the Gabriel Ferreter Library. The result will form part of this year's Lumínic exhibition circuit entitled Mujeres Invisibles. A work carried out by SETBA Foundation.


Power of the images"


Date: 12 of June, 10:00 - 14:00

Inscription fee: 32€ (VAT included)

Workshop-photography lab from me to us photography as sensitive matter. We will work in dialogue with the photographs of the collective exhibition of Argentine. Photography with triggers to work from the image to the word and from the word to the image. We will take photographs with slogans proposed from the thematic axes of the exhibition such as the mutable, the liminal, the memory and the ritual. We will create a collective constellation of images putting into play the visual discourse, the edition and the sequence we will work on some of the texts that accompanied the conceptualization of the exhibition. The workshop is an invitation to create and perceive images from and with the body, to open the imaginary, to make ourselves permeable and to create collectively is intended for all interested public no prior knowledge required.

lo que vemos lo que nos mira, foto de Suyai Otaño.jpg

SCREENING: Archaia by
Veronica Losantos
 and screening of the runners-up winners of the Lumínic 2022 call 

Date: 15 of June from 18:30 to 20h

Presentation of the ARCHAIA project by Veronica Losantos, winner of the Lumínic 2022 call. Following the presentation, the screening of the winning runners-up will take place.


ANATOMY OF PHOTO BOOKS: A Tasting of Typologies of Photography Books Through Their Physical Forms: By La Ciclogràfica; La Bibliogràfica on wheels

Date: 18 of June from 10 a 14h

What is a book?

For some, it is a cleverly printed and folded paper surface. For others, a book is a set of pages articulated in notebooks sewn together. What we can say is that a book is a composition of elements and signs encoded in a set of printed paper that forms a unit of meaning. But does it have to be sewn? What material do we start from? What kind of object can be built?


In Anatomy of Photobooks we will talk about these and other issues. Based on the books we have done in La Bibliogràfica, we will make an itinerary through the different physical and material typologies of which a photography book is composed: types of papers, ways of articulating and binding, printing technologies, formats, etc.




Date: 19 of June from 17 a 20h

Price: 22 € (VAT included)

The Can Grapes collective, based on their experience of editing the fanzine "Boquerones en", will propose an exercise to work in groups on the narrative and the edition of a self-publication with the material provided by the participants.


The Can Grapes collective, formed by Arnau Sidera, Gerard Soler and Ana Benavent, was born in 2020 when they realized that all three were producing fanzines and that they could all fill a table. From then on, they started attending self-publishing fairs, offering workshops, advising individuals and schools, and creating joint fanzine creations. His publications can be found in Fatbottom, Alalimón and Fotocolectania.


Guided tour: exhibition tour

Date: 18 of June from 17 to 19h

Date: 2 of July from 17 to 19h

Date: 16 of July de 11 a 13h

Guided tour of the Lumínic Festival exhibition tour accompanied by the directors:

The tour will begin at the Maristany Art Center and will pass through the Monastery Museum, the Culture House, the Cal Gerrer Museum, the Cooperative Winery and will end at Victoria dels Angels Square.




Date: 11 of June at 12:00h

Inauguration of LUMÍNIC Festival at the Cloister of the Monastery with presentation by the organizers and intervention by the mayor of Sant Cugat. At the end of the event there will be a short guided tour of the festival's exhibitions

Captura de pantalla 2022-02-21 a la(s) 17.06.37.png

Presentation of José Luís Carrillo first photobook 

Date: 11 of June at 18:30 

The artist José Luís Carrillo will present his first photobook Los Hijos del Cuervo, the latest book published by Editorial Lumínic


BRIANS Invisible Women:
Presentation of SETBA Foundation project book

Date: 10 of June at 20h

Presentation of the book BRIANS Mujeres Invisibles of the project Traspassing the objective carried out by the SETBA Foundation and with the presence of the artists. Book published by Editorial Lumínic.

natacha ebers 107311-natacha2_0.jpg

DIALOGUE: What we see, what looks at us: with the artists of the exhibition and guided tour.

Date: 14 of June from 18 to 20 h

Date: 21 of June from 18 to 20 h

Dialogue with the artists and guided tour to the exhibition "Lo que vemos, lo que nos mira" a collective exhibition of artists from Argentina.

Participants 14 of June: Natacha Ebers, Célica Veliz, Valeria Bellusci, Suyai Otaño

Participants 21 of June: Roma Vaquero Díaz, Margarita García Faure, Sofía López Mañan, Guadalupe Arriegue


PRESENTATION and ROUND TABLE: "Women with women's eyes": with the artists of the exhibition.

Date: 17 of June from 18 to 19:30 h

Presentation of the group exhibition "Women with the eyes of a woman" organized by the National Archive of Catalonia and then a round table with the artists Pilar Aymerich, Laia Abril, Lorena Ros, Eva Parey and Montse Campins.




Date: 9 of July from 10 a 14 h

Price: 32 € + 4 € material (VAT Included)

The workshop is aimed at people who work with photography and want to learn how to bind the model of a book in a self-taught way. Exercises in artisanal techniques will be proposed to solve the design of the roofs and the degree. We will be inspired by a randomly chosen image or word for a contemporary binding. We will discover several possibilities when it comes to binding and we will see how, sometimes, the simplest options offer fantastic results. Attendees will learn techniques and learn affordable tools to make a mock-up of a book. A simple, inexpensive and personal way to display photo projects. In this workshop there will be three different structures, of varying difficulty and which result in a delicate and simple book.


WORKSHOP: The Invisible Body: with Ainhoa Valle


Date: 2 of July from 10 a 14 h

Price: 38 € (VAT included)

The Invisible Body is an experimental laboratory in which we will develop a photographic project inspired by the expression of the body and the word-image as a new field of visual creation. Through a series of practices suggested by the artist, we will open ourselves to the senses, explore the territory and turn our gaze inward to immerse ourselves in the poetics of the image. Our bodies are our own universe full of sensations and ideas that, like footprints, shape the body and are drawn into it. Where are the boundaries of each identity drawn here? How to give a body-image to everything that is not seen? In the words of Wim Wenders: "Taking pictures is an act in two directions: forward, shoot the picture, and backward record an x-ray of the photographer's mind as he looks directly through his eye into the depths of his soul." The goal will be to build a common space where you can imagine new possibilities and relationships with those footprints and translate them into images. The final result will be a collective creation where we will reflect on the experiences that emerged in the workshop. All bodies are welcome.

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