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What is Lumínic?

LUMÍNIC is the photography festival of Sant Cugat del Vallès that since 2019 has promoted author photography. LUMÍNIC invades Sant Cugat del Vallès transforming it into a meeting point for photography lovers. It embraces the city to study the photographic fact, generating new spaces of knowledge and reflection, with an inclusive and participatory nature. With an opening week and two months of activity, a complete program is displayed, with exhibitions, talks, workshops and round tables. Vehiculated in a new central thread every year, visitors will be able to enjoy established and emerging authors, both national and international. LUMÍNIC is a platform that works all year round, generating synergies with other cultural agents for the promotion of photography.

Team of Lumínic

LUMÍNIC is born from various initiatives by entities of Sant Cugat del Vallès with the aim to create a photography festival.


LUMÍNIC is co-directed by photographers Amanda Bernal, Bernat Millet and Marc Vidal. Our multidisciplinary trajectories and transversal work allow us to show quality photographic projects.

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