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Since the 80’s he has combined teaching, research of antique and contemporary photographic procedures, and artistic personal work. His work has been exhibited at Galerie du Chateau d’Eau, Toulouse. Col.lecció Cualladó. IVAM, València. Musa/Museu. Palau de la Virreina. Barcelona. Photographie espagnole. Musée Cantini. Marseille, Sevilla. Galerie Imaginaire. Centre Mercier. Mois de la Photo Montreal. Porta d’aigua. Museo Arte Contemporáneo. Bilbao, Estampes Apòcrifes. Metrònom, Barcelona. Photomontage in Spain 1920-1987. Gal. Lieberman & Saul, New York i Photographers Gallery, London, among others. His photographic work is present in various public and private collections.


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Bego Anton’s work dissects human behavior and reflects on our psychological and moral implication with the natural world. Her work has been widely published in international media and exhibited internationally.

She participated in Joop Swart Masterclass Photo in 2014 and got the revelation award in Photoespaña 2017.


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He studied humanities, cinema and photography. His work, widely exhibited and awarded, is part of public collections as MNAC and private as Carmen &Lluis Bassat Foundation, among others.

He has published four photobooks and is co-founder of the publishing house Ediciones Posibles. Llovet is also a musician, part of the duo The Pinker Tones.


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Architect by ETSAB, in his education as a photographer we can highlight Master in Photography at ELISAVA and the courses Author Photography and Photobook at the Observatory.

At the moment, he combines his own projects (as Blackout photobook, a project we will see at LUMINIC) with professional orders, mainly in the ambit of architecture and interiorism photography.

He has exhibited his work at events as PhotoEspaña (Madrid 2014, 2015, 2016), fotofever (Paris 2017), DocField (Barcelona 2015), Art Photo Bcn (Barcelona 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), Fine Art (Igualada 2016), PA-TA-TA (Granada 2015, 2016, 2019), Photogenic (Barcelona 2017), Fiebre Photobook (Madrid 2019) or Loop (Barcelona 2019).

In his work, we can perceive his interest in topics such as Time, Memory or Absence.


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Hanna Jarzabek (1976, Polonia)

Awards and mentions: third place in POY Latam 2015 (Mexico); grant of the Program Crisálida Signo Editores (2019), grant Helge Humelvoll of the 69th Missouri Photo Workshop (2017); GrisArt Photojournalism grant (2015). Finalist of Grand Press Photo Polonia 2019; CROSS VIDEO DAYS (Paris 2014) and 19th FotoPres la Ciaxa (2013), among others.



One of the most influential and important photographic artists of the 21st century, Roger Ballen’s photographs span over forty years.  His strange and extreme works confront the viewer and challenge them to come with him on a journey into their own minds as he explores the deeper recesses of his own.

Roger Ballen was born in New York in 1950 but for over 30 years he has lived and worked in South Africa. His work as a geologist took him out into the countryside and led him to take up his camera and explore the hidden world of small South African towns


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Xavier Miserachs Ribalta (Barcelona 1937-1998)

Born in Barcelona the 12 of July 1937. In 1952 he gets into Photography Group of Catalonia, where he meets the photographer Oriol Maspons. In 1957 he exhibits with the photographer Ricard Terré and Ramon Masats the first show Terré-Miserachs-Masats. In 1961, he alternates professional charges with the realization of the images of the books Show (Barcelona Blanc i Negre (1965) and Costa Brava 1966).  He works as a correspondent for Actualidad Española, Gaceta Ilustrada, La Vanguardia, Interviú y Triunfo, with which he signs an annual contract of availability and exclusivity in 1968. He dies aged 61, when he is awarded with Creu de Sant Jordi by Generalitat de Catalunya.




He graduates in Geology at University of Barcelona while he studies Photography at International School of Photography Grisart. When he finished his studies in 2003, he started his professional career in the world of fashion and advertising photography until 2015, when he presented his project Ornithographies, which has opened the door to publish in media around the world. At the moment, he works exclusively in this project.




INZAJEANO LATIF holds a BA and MA in Photography from Middlesex University, London, UK. He is most often described as a ‘portrait photographer who engages with people on the fringes of society,’ choosing to expose their intimate interactions with their environments, and looking at how those environments shape them. For Latif, photography opens up a brave new world of exposure and insight in ways that words often fail to do. His work has been exhibited widely, most notably at the National Portrait Gallery in London (2009), where his image ‘Female Boxer No. 3’ was the signature piece of the show. He has also exhibited at the Jerwood Space (London); the Host Gallery (London); the Getty Gallery (London) and the Empire Gallery (London), and his work has been part of the Tim Andrews group show. His projects, ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ and ‘Al-Ghurba (The Exile)’ have been exhibited in China and the US respectively, and a recent project, ‘Girls’ has been exhibited in Eastern Europe. He has had a solo show at the Arab–British Centre in the UK and has been finalist in numerous prestigious photography competitions. More recently Inzajeano has had two group shows and one solo show in Edinburgh, been commissioned by Time magazine, been a finalist in the Portrait of Britain award and the esteemed Fotofilmic awards. In addition, he was also a finalist in the Latin America Fotografia as well as Time Lightbox featuring his ongoing series, Lincoln Heights.



Graduated in Philosophy and Photography, he combines professional photography, teaching and own project production since the 90’s. Collaborator in national and international publications, his work is a research of “the bizarre” in the context of a sophisticated and alienated world by the techno-capitalism. The travel experience constitutes the nucleus of his reflection method and visual production, life experience as a creation itself.


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Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona), 1951. His main activity has been photography teaching and his personal work, that he started exhibiting in 1975.

He was cofounder of “Photographic Spring of Catalonia”. He has directed editorial projects linked to the world of photography. He was codirector of the Photography Project of the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92. He has given several workshops at different institutions and photography festivals.

He started his teaching activity in 1976, and from 1981 to 2012, he teached at IDEP Photography School in Barcelona and was its director.




Paula Artés, graduated in photography and contemporary creation, compromises to expose and question the structures of power and control, showing us the entrails which are hidden from citizens. Starting from an essential previous investigation, she uses photography as a pretext to gain access to these spaces and question them collectively.




Bernat Millet (Barcelona, 1986) is graduated in photography at Middlesex University (London) and specialized in documentary photography at the University of Mid Sweden. Millet uses the large format camera as a working tool to make a critical search of the dehumanization of society. His artistic pursuit leads him to seek the essence that lies behind human struggle and resilience, making us look at the neglected directly in the eyes through his portrait. He contemplates scenarios of transformation that have changed fast the last few years because of a human development that excludes nature’s established ecosystem.


Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya presents in this second edition of LUMÍNIC festival of Sant Cugat, a selection of images coming from the different equity funds it conserves and that reflect different aspects of life and image of women between the end of the 19th century and the first third of the 20th century. All the images have been taken by professionals of photography “men”, including Gabriel Casas, Joan Bert, Ramon Claret, Josep Maria Sagarra i Plana, Frederic Cuyas, Francesc Boix or the Brangulí. This exhibition is a little sample of the iconic richness of our photographic heritage and the masculine look on the feminine universe in catalan photography history. As a novelty, this will be the first exhibition in which we will take the images out of the Archive, in a very different format and material from our exhibitions, where we seek more for the impact of the image than the value of the photographic object.




Xavier Millán initiates as a photographer in 1980 at Primer Plano Gallery in Barcelona. Later he developed professionally as a decorator and graphic designer of cinema and advertising. In recent years, he participates again actively in the contemporary photography scenario.




Anna Surinyach (Barcelona, 1985) is a documentary photographer and photo editor of 5w Magazine. Her work has focused on documenting the movements of populations in different parts of the world. In recent years she has focused on the situation of women who flee their home for reasons related to violence, poverty or lack of opportunities.


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The Fine Arts degree is one of the studies of the Faculty of Fine Arts. The degree offers our students the opportunity to be trained in artistic practice and thinking, taking into account both the specificity of the different disciplines and the transdisciplinary reality of contemporary art.


The Faculty of Fine Arts participates in the second edition of Lumínico Festival with three students where they will show a large-scale work on the street. These students are:


Daniela Pancracia - 


Emili Agremí - Project "You hear me?"


Romina Almodóvar - Project "Return to the dark"

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Grisart School participates in the second edition of Lumínic Festival with three students where they will show a large work on the street. These students are:


Anna Galí with the project "Time On Quaaludes and Red Wine"


Jean-Matthieu Gosselin with the project "No surrender"


Marta Sellarés with the project "Where you don't see us"



The Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia participates in the second edition of Lumínic Festival with the student Gisela Riu Montes who will show the work HIJAS DE LAS TORMENTAS in the Abacus room in Sant Cugat.


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The Observatory participates in the second edition of Lumínic Festival with four students where they will show the work "Desdoblaments" that brings together the projects of four authors who have done the course of Documentary Documentary Photography throughout 2018/19. These students are:


Anxo Santiago with the project "Eclipse"


Ares Molins with the project "Like the eyes, that cannot see each other"


Gala Segui with the project "Deserto"


Luis Marín with the project "The colors don't exist"