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José Luís Carrillo, photographer based in Alicante, is the director of the Mistos School of Photography and co-director of the title of Expert in Contemporary Photography at the University of Alicante. With a career of over twenty years as a photographer, he has specialized in contemporary documentary photography with anthropological vocation, with a focus on universal themes of the Spanish geography and social history.


Nominated for the Star Awards Photobook 2021, he was awarded the La Kursala scholarship of the University of Cadiz 2021, and the Albarracín Photojournalism and Documentary Festival scholarship (2018).




Daniela Pafundi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1985.

She is a photographer and teacher. She has exhibited individually and collectively in galleries and festivals in Argentina and Spain. She has been teaching in different fields for the last ten years. She has collaborated with several magazines and publications.

She currently lives and works between Buenos Aires and Barcelona.




Bigas Luna (Barcelona, March 19th, 1946 - la Riera de Gaià, April 6th, 2013) was a Catalan movie director and screenwriter.

In 1978 he began to gain a certain international prestige with the premiere of Bilbao, selected to participate in the Cannes International Film Festival. After directing Angustia (1987) he retired for some time in Tarragona to devote himself to painting. In 1990, he returned to film directing thanks to the proposal of the Madrid producer Andrés Vicente Gómez to bring to the screen Las edades de Lulú, the novel by the late Spanish writer Almudena Grandes. Later on, he shot the so-called Iberian Trilogy: Jamón, Jamón (1992) —Silver Lion at the Venice International Film Festival—, Huevos de Oro (1993) — Prize of the Jury at the Sant Sebastián International Film Festival—, and the Spanish-French co-production La teta i la lluna (1995), that won the Best Screenplay Award at the Venice Festival. All of his films have a very personal and unmistakable air and are loaded with high doses of eroticism, an eroticism often related to food, which was his other great passion.

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The work of Verónica Losantos (1984) focuses on photography and installation. Her subjects are memory and the relationship between photographic and psychological processes. She is also interested in the invisible, in trying to visualize what cannot be seen, the latent. Through her projects, Losantos tries to question the concept of "truth" associated with photography, and uses it as a process of exploration, often examining personal experiences, working mainly in analogue in different formats and interacting with installation objects. Losantos has won several awards and competitions such as the C/O Berlin Talents 36; the Berlin Brandenburg Lotto Art Prize, and the PHotoEspaña Forum Hacer, among others. Her work has been exhibited internationally, such as at the Deustche Börse Photography Foundation, the C/O Berlin, the Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie festival, the PHotoEspaña Festival, the Studio81, the Fondazione Fotografia Modena in Italy, and the Contact Festival in Toronto, among others. She currently lives in Berlin, where she works as art mediator for Haus Bastian and as assistant to independent curator Moritz Neumüller.


Laura Cunningham Wilson (born October 13, 1939) is an American photographer. Wilson's attraction to photographs started as a young girl, when she became interested in family photographs. Some of her earliest photographs are of her three young sons. Wilson's professional career was launched in 1979, when Richard Avedon hired her to assist with his exhibition and book In the American West, which was commissioned by the Amon Carter Museum. Wilson spent six years travelling with Avedon, helping him find subjects to photograph. She also wrote the text for In the American West.  Wilson's work with Avedon helped her become deeply familiar with the West and provided her inspiration for her later projects. Her photographs acknowledge the spectrum of cultures that occupy the West. During the period she worked with Avedon, Wilson arrived at her interest in photographing people outside of mainstream America: "I became interested in men and women who are trying to live an idealized life against the odds."

Wilson has lectured on photography at Harvard University, the International Center of Photography in New York City, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the University of Texas at Austin.

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Ludwig Nikulski (1989) grew up on the Baltic Sea coast in Northeastern Germany. He is currently studying Visual Journalism and Documentary Practices at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences. His work has been exhibited internationally and was nominated for the Otto-Steinert-Preis 2022 by the Germany Photographic Society.


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JM Ramírez-Suassi was born in Mallorca (Spain) and currently lives and works in Madrid. His photographs, which at first glance seem to fit perfectly into the big nothing, involve many visits to the same landscapes to observe change year after year. His work occupies an ambiguous position halfway between portraiture and social landscape. He has published the photobooks One Eyed Ulysses (2018), and Fordlândia9 (2020). He is self-taught.


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Camila Oliveira, activist and Sol’s mother, was born in 1991 in Ribeirão Preto, state of São Paulo, Brazil. She studied Audiovisual Production at Barão de Mauá University. During the first edition of the project "Traspasando el objetivo" in the prison of Brians-1, she met the photographer Marta Fàbregas. There she stood out for her attitude and her photographic potential. She is currently serving the third degree in a prison in Barcelona, and has agreed to participate in a report mentored by Fàbregas, with works included in the photobook BRIANS: Mujeres invisibles.





RUIDO Photo is an organization formed by image and journalism professionals, devoted to raising awareness towards social issues and education for development through documentary photography. For over fifteen years, it has been denouncing conflicts and human rights violations in more than 25 countries. Their main tool is photography, but they also use text reporting, documentary video, exhibits, awareness campaigns, publications, and digital products.


The National Archive of Catalonia presents, at this third edition of the LUMÍNIC festival of Sant Cugat del Vallès, a selection of images from several projects and photographic series produced by women, images that have been acquired to be part of the National Collection of Photography and that have been deposited at the archive over past years.

Photographs from Pilar Aymerich, Montse Campins, Eva Parey, Lorena Ros and Laia Abril, photographers at the National Collection of Photography.

This exhibition is a small sample of the iconic significance of our photographic heritage and the feminine gaze on woman’s universe in the recent Catalan photography.


CARA A CARA AMB LES VIOLÈNCIES  Relats de resiliència a Centreamèrica - RUIDO - Cooperacio


The Fine Arts degree is one of the studies of the Faculty of Fine Arts. The degree offers our students the opportunity to be trained in artistic practice and thinking, taking into account both the specificity of the different disciplines and the transdisciplinary reality of contemporary art.


The Faculty of Fine Arts participates in the third edition of Lumínic Festival with three students. 


These students are:


Eric Meneses i Villalonga with the project (NO)LÍMITS

Karim Khourrou Gadour with the project "Ghorba"


Maribel Mata with the project “L'esvaïment i el rastre”



Grisart School participates in the third edition of Lumínic Festival with three students where they will show their work.


These students are:

Marina Plana amb el projecte “BEHAVE”

Pilar Rodriguez amb el projecte "Ombligo"


Sean Sborlino amb el projecte "Lo que no cuentan de Marte”



The Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia participates in the third edition of Lumínic Festival with the student Elisa Blanco who will show the work INCONSCIENTE in the Abacus room in Sant Cugat.




Elisava participates in the third edition of the Luminic Festival with three students who will show the work of authors who have completed the Master of Photography and Design.

These students are:

Farah Foudeh with the project “Just Because I Cry Doesn’t Mean I Am Strong” 

Gunnlöð Jóna Rúnarsdóttir with the project Obscure Presence


Vanessa Gutiérrez Cortés awith the project “Olivos en flor”

IEFC_logo_cmyk editado.jpg


The Observatory participates in the third edition of Lumínic Festival with three students where they will show the work done the course of Documentary Documentary Photography.


These students are:


Diego Baigorria Martone with the project "El Pacto"

Julieta Averbuj with the project "El Juego de la Madalena"


Eli Sort with the project "Deu centímetres".


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