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3rd edition of the Lumínic Festival of Photography

The word "limit" comes from the Latin limes, which means border. We understand the concept of "limit" as opposed to continuity, a disruptive element within it. We also understand the boundary as that real or imagined line that traces birth and end on a surface, be it a territory, a body, or a concept. The limit as a restriction and also as an agreement. Boundaries of what is visible and what is left on the periphery. The philosopher Karl Jaspers points out in his book "Introduction to Philosophy" (1951), how from extreme situations the experience of transcendence arises and existence is realized immediately. On the other hand, the philosopher and activist Vandana Shiva warns that “without ethical, ecological or social limits to trade, one is placing one’s life at the limit” (Shiva, 2001).

Download the map with the full list of exhibitions and activities
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