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José Luís Carrillo

Time: 10 - 14 h i 16 - 22 h / Sunday close

In the Upper Tajo Valley, one of the least populated areas in Europe, and dominated by wilderness, I was able to sense the age-old journey humankind took from the dark ages.


In this region, Cerunnos, the horned deity, was revered by the Celts for more than a thousand years. And I found there, hidden among the mist, Cerunnos' last remaining descendants. They are the last Celtiberians of the Spanish Meseta, heirs of a cosmogony on the verge of extinction, and this is their sacred valley.

Ludwig Nikulski - Opal.jpg

JM Ramírez-Suassi

Time: 10:30 - 14:00, 17:00 - 20:00

Monday close / Sunday 10:30 - 15:00

Trilogia de la Ciutat (“City Trilogy”) consists of three series: One Eyed Ulysses, According to Crusoe, and W/Closing/Larva. All three describe a journey from the suburbs to the city center, but this city and its boundaries without precise demarcation are an equivocal sign of what the boundary in itself means. The limit appears, disappears and reappears, subject to all possible conjectures. It is nature left to itself, with and without man. It is the beginning and the end of a world. Such ambivalence runs along the periphery of this city and somehow brings us closer to the edge of a cliff, as in a long wait and a farewell party. Thus, these are places that open an experience of liminality: the most radical, the one that culminates and at the same time eliminates the possibility of experience itself. The characters that wander around these limits are misfits in this universe to which they belong, their lives do not match the hostile environment that surrounds them, but they are existential dramas that transcend any geographical limit.

lo que vemos, lo que nos mira - foto de Suyai Otaño copy.jpg

Bigas Luna

Time: Outdoor exhibition 

With photography I can fix a moment and, with the union of different moments, tell a story. Boticelli, in the History of Nastaglio degli Onesti, already showed the same character repeated in a single space, doing different actions. It was the first precedent of cinematographic narration. In my editing, by incorporating the same character at different moments, the photo is closer to the narration of a story, to cinema.

My pictures are born out of passionate convulsions. I take them during the preparation and shooting periods of a film. I never look for a special reason to take them, and I never bother to look for a photo. They come to me and, when this happens, it's a magic moment. I take my camera, stop everything, bend down, get up, get down, and shoot in all directions. Later, my studio fills up with those pictures that are nothing until I mount them. It's another magical moment. I touch, paste, compare, peel off, look, change, I play with the deformations that occur between each photo, that I often provoke, and with the differences in light, which interest me especially for their role as witnesses of the time elapsed between each image.


Verónica Losantos

Winner of the Lumínic 2022 Open Call

Time: Monday to Friday 8 - 14, Thursday 8 - 19

Saturday and Sunday closed

Presentation with the artist: 15 of June at 18:30h

Archaia (from the Greek ta archaia = the old /the archives) explores the phenomenon of disappearance and collective trauma, as well as the question of the role of the photographic medium as historical evidence, and the link between photography and archeology, and between memory and the photographic process.

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Time: Monday to Friday 10 - 13:30h, 17 a 20:30h

Saturday 10 - 13:30. Sunday close

Marc Ávila with the project Where? Nowhere

Alex Domènech with the project Skin

Raúl Hidalgo with the project Desde el Silencio

Nieves Mingueza with the project One in three Women

Gemma Miralda with the project The Sacred and the Real

Nuno Perestrelo with the project Atlas of Youth

David Salcedo with the project Iberia Salvaje

Sean Sborlino with the project Lo que no cuentan de Marte

Federico Frangi with the project Sruti Revelación 

Vicenç Vidal with the project El Vértice

CARA A CARA AMB LES VIOLÈNCIES  Relats de resiliència a Centreamèrica - RUIDO - Cooperacio

Laura Wilson

Time: Outdoor exhibition

Photographer Laura Wilson worked with Avedon during the six years that he was making In the American West. In Avedon at Work, she presents a unique photographic record of his creation of this masterwork —the first time a major photographer has been documented in great depth over an extended period of time. She combines images she took during the photographic sessions with entries from her journal, to show Avedon's working methods, his choice of subjects, his creative process, and even his experiments and failures. Also included are a number of Avedon's finished portraits, as well as his own comments, and letters from some of the subjects.


Ludwig Nikulski

Winner Art Photo BCN 2021

Time: 10:30 - 13:30, 16:00 - 19:00

Monday close / Sunday 10:30 - 14:30

In this photo essay named Opal, I reflect on a personal state of remoteness. Captured between the first and second phases of lockdown in Iceland, text and images are used here to create a poetic mirror of isolation. This disparate narrative is tied together by a thread of personal experience, translated through metaphorical landscapes, melancholic portraits, and prose.

JM Ramírez Suassi - Trilogia de la Ciutat copy.jpg

artists from Argentina

Time: Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 13:30, 17:00 - 21:00  / Sunday Close

What we see, What Looks at Us connects the photographic work of 19 Argentine artists who perform in contemporaneity. It is conceived as an interweaving of artistic practices that explain a scene within the current panorama of photography in our country.

Curator: Daniela Pafundi


Camila Oliveira - SETBA Foundation

Time: outdoor exhibition

In this photographic series I have portrayed women who have suffered male violence, whom I met during my stay in the [Barcelona] penitentiary facilities of Brians and Wad-Ras. 75 percent of women prisoners have experienced this kind of violence at some point of their lives. For women prisoners, gender-based violence is a determining factor that affects their self-esteem and perpetuates roles. I invited the protagonists of my portraits to look their abusers in the face, and I asked them to face their fears.


Arxiu Nacional Catalunya

Time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday  9:00 - 15:00. Wensday, Saturday and Sunday closed

Pilar Aymerich, Montse Campins, Eva Parey, Lorena Ros and Laia Abril, photographers at the National Collection of Photography. The National Archive of Catalonia presents, at this third edition of the LUMÍNIC festival of Sant Cugat del Vallès, a selection of images from several projects and photographic series produced by women, images that have been acquired to be part of the National Collection of Photography and that have been deposited at the archive over past years. The photographies were taken at contemporary scenes, some of strong social impact, that portray women of several ages and social status, from the seventies to nowadays. This images are the result of the gaze from five professional female photographers: Pilar Aymerich, Montse Campins, Eva Parey, Lorena Ros and Laia Abril particularly preoccupied about the feminine identity, gender equality, the sexual violence and the abuse of power against the women and  they’re contraposed with the images presented at the previous edition “Women with eyes of man”. This exhibition is a small sample of the iconic significance of our photographic heritage and the feminine gaze on woman’s universe in the recent Catalan photography.


Ruido Photo - ICIP

Cooperació Sant Cugat

Time: outdoor exhibition

Through the photographic and journalistic work of RUIDO Photo, this exhibit takes a look at the many faces of violence that affect daily life in three Central American countries: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Extortions, rapes, kidnappings, murders and disappearances, but also situations of poverty and social exclusion, are part of the daily life of a large part of the population, especially the most vulnerable. But, within this hostile context of violence, the exhibit also gives voice to people who struggle every day to transform reality through educational, awareness-raising, care and solidarity initiatives. They are courageous people who carry out projects with an amazing capacity for resilience, who show that history is yet to be written, and that there is an extraordinary potential to advance towards peace.


Students from ELISAVA

Outdoor exhibition

The University of ELISAVA participates in the third edition of the Lumínic Festival with three students where they will show work in the street.

These students are:


Farah Foudeh with the project "Just Because I Cry Doesn't Mean I Am Strong"


Gunnlöð Jóna Rúnarsdóttir with the Obscure Presence project


Vanessa Gutiérrez Cortés with the project “Olivos en flor”


Student Elisa Blanco

Time: 9:30 - 14:30, 16:30 - 21:00 / Sunday close

“For some, unconscious is one who has lost the ability to recognize reality. For others, it is the sound of a breeze, a red rectangle, the harsh blue, something that smells of indecision and tastes like heaven.” —EB

Unconscious is a project that investigates the multisensory experience that the fixed image can offer. It represents a series of sensations through the narrative possibilities of the diptych, to confer new meanings to the images. A stimulus with which to activate the five senses.



Students of the Grisart school

Time: 9:15 - 13:00, 16:15 - 20:30 / Sunday close

The GRISART School participates with the third edition of Lumínic Festival with three students where they will show a large piece of work on the street. These students are:


Marina Plana with the project “BEHAVE”

Pilar Rodriguez with the project "Ombligo"


Sean Sborlino with the project "Lo que no cuentan de Marte”

cartell leonardo_1080x1350_edited.jpg

Students El Observatorio

Outdoor exhibition

El Observatorio participates in the third edition of the Lumínic Festival with three students where they will show work in the street.

These students are:

Diego Baigorria Martone with the project "El Pacto"

Julieta Averbuj with the project "El Juego de la Madalena"


Eli Sort with the project "Deu centímetres".



UB Faculty of Fine Arts

Time: 9:15 - 13:00, 16:15 - 20:30 / Sunday close

The Faculty of Fine Arts participates with the third edition of Lumínic Festival with three students where they will show a large piece of work on the street. These students are:


Eric Meneses i Villalonga with the project "Mo n'anam o partim"

Karim Khourrou Gadour with the project "Ghorba"


Maribel Mata with the project “L'esvaïment i el rastre”


Sean Sborlino_Imagen representativa.jpg

Students from INS Leonardo

Time: Monday to Saturday 10 - 14 i 16 - 20:30 h. Sunday close

One of the main pillars of the Lumínic platform is its Educational Plan, which aims to create spaces for experimentation, knowledge and reflection on photography. For this reason, Lumínic is currently collaborating with several educational centers through workshops and calls for the exhibition of works. This year, Lumínic has launched a collaboration with the Leonardo Highschool, with the organization of a series of workshops for students in the 3rd year of ESO (equivalent to 9th grade). The students have had the chance to take photographs with digital cameras, in addition to photo selection and editing sessions. The common thread of the workshops has been the experimentation with the image, in search of the mathematics that we can find around us, from inside the classroom to the natural environment. This exhibition shows the results of the work made by the students throughout the school year 2021- 2022.

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