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Mònica Roselló  and Jordi Guillumet.

Time: 10:30 - 14:00, 17:00 - 20:00

Monday close / Sunday 10:30 - 15:00

Presentation with the artist: 21 of March at 12h

After memory is an attempt to preserve one of the most emblematic leisure spots in Barcelona, during a period that seems far, but is part of our recent past.

Portraying the abandonment and the dismantling process of the istallations of Montjuïc theme park (1966-1998) with a sad and nostalgic view is the reflection of the transformation that the city has experienced, driven into a modernity where the vestiges of the past have small space.



Roger Grasas

Time: 10:30 - 13:30, 16:00 - 19:00

Monday close / Sunday 10:30 - 14:30

Presentation with the artist: 20 of March at 12h

‘Min Turab’ (2007-2016)

The Project “Min Turab”documents , through landscape, the paradoxal transformation that the monarchies of the Golf have experienced due to massive entrance of oil export currency, globalization and mass tourism.

xavi bou foto-projecte-Ornitography_#34.


Roger Ballen

Time: 8:00 - 23:30 / Sunday close

Presentation: 20 of March at 17:30h

Roger Ballen is one of the most original image makers of the twenty-first century. Asylum of the Birds showcases his iconic photographs, which were all taken entirely within the confines of a house in a Johannesburg suburb, the location of which remains a tightly guarded secret. The inhabitants of the house, both people and animals, and most notably the ever-present birds, are the cast who perform within a sculptural and decorated theatrical interior that the author creates and orchestrates.

The resulting images are compelling and dynamic, existing somewhere between still life and portrait. They are richly layered with graffiti, drawings, animals, and found objects. In a world where photographers seek to avoid definition, Roger Ballen is a true original who not only defies genres, but has defined his own artistic space as well.

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Xavier Miserachs

Time: Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 13:30, 17:00 - 21:00  / Sunday Close

Xavier Miserachs is one of the most important Catalan photographers of his generation. His books Costa Brava show (1966) and, especially, Barcelona in Black and White (1965) represent an essential moment in his photographic work, and they are a reference for many later photographers. This exhibition seeks in the work of Miserachs his vision on the realities that occur simultaneously: the newcomers, the barrack neighborhoods, or the gypsies of Barcelona. And today, as yesterday, these realities keep accompanying us. They are parallel universes that sometimes blend but that sometimes keep unseen. Miserachs made them visible in his photographs. The work of Miserachs is more present and contemporary than ever, as it acts as a reflection on the behavior of our society.


roger grasasMIN TURAB 11.jpg


Xavi Bou

Time: Outside exhibition 

The project was born from the interest in capturing those moments that stay unnoticed and to question the limits of human perception.

My intention was to portray in the same space and time the shapes that birds generate while flying, making visible the invisible.

Technology, cience and creativity reunite to create suggestive images that show the sensuality and beauty of the movement of birds.


Alex Llovet

Time: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 17:00 to 20:00. Monday and Wendsday closed.

Saturday and Sunday open the weekend of 20, 21 of March and 1, 2 of May from 10:00 - 20:00

Presentation with the artist: 25 of March at 19:30h

As “speed of escape” we understand the initial minimum speed an object needs to escape from the gravitational influence of an astronomical object and being able to keep moving without the need of another propeller effort.

Llovet observes his nearest environment looking at beings and objects in search of its freedom.




Bego Antón

Time: 10:30 - 13:30, 16:00 - 19:00

Monday close / Sunday 10:30 - 14:30

Presentation with the artist: 20 of March at 12h

Phorun lives with Oli, an elf that never combs himself. Ranghildur is able to see doors and windows in the rocks where elfs live. There is a forest at Mosfellsbaer where Rannveig saw an enormous centaur. And Malfridur sees the water beings swimming in his bathtub every time he wanst to take a bath. If there is some place to believe in magic, that place is Iceland.




David Querol

Time: 10:00 - 13:30, 17:00 - 21:00  / Sunday Close

Adaptation to change.

Unexpected and overwhelming, it suddenly imposes on a new environment where the rules of the game where unknown and nothing seems to fit in, loosing the power of decision on what happens around.

Acceptation of living in a place that no longer builds trust will arrive, focusing in minimizing the damage that new changes can generate.


Bego Anton_ The Erath Is Only A Little D
Foto esportista.jpg


Hanna Jarzabek

Time: Street exhibition

To preserve its language and russian identity, Transnistria separed unilaterally from Moldavia in 1990. Inside, the region has all the features of a state: government, currency, passport, borders, army; nevertheless, for the external world, it does not exist.




Arxiu Nacional Catalunya

Time: Monday and Wensday 9:00 - 18:00 / Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 - 14:00 / Saturday and Sunday closed

Exhibition until 12 of June

Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya presents in this second edition of LUMÍNIC festival of Sant Cugat, a selection of images coming from the different equity funds it conserves and that reflect
different aspects of life and image of women between the end of the 19th century and the first third of the 20th century. All the images have been taken by professionals of photography “men”, including Gabriel Casas, Joan Bert, Ramon Claret, Josep Maria Sagarra i Plana, Frederic Cuyas, Francesc Boix or the Brangulí. This exhibition is a little sample of the iconic richness of our photographic heritage and the masculine look on the feminine universe in catalan photography history. As a novelty, this will be the first exhibition in which we will take the images out of the Archive, in a very different format and material from our exhibitions, where we seek more for the impact of the image than the value of the photographic object.

hanna Foto_perfil.jpg


Paula Artés

Prize Art Photo BCN 2020

Time: Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 16:45. Friday from 8:00 to 14:00. Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00. Sunday closed. 

What does the State know about us?

I Focus on the zero control space, where the process of controlling our data begins. Where they register us at birth, for example. The information that we place, separately, have the same destination: the State. The administrative structures of the State have the function of a panoptic on citizenship.

With this project I search for rethinking space as a way to exercise power.


Anna Surinyach

Cooperation Sant Cugat

Time: Street exhibition

"They too" focuses on female migrations. The exhibition shows the story of Sara, Inna, Adama, among others. All of them have fled their homes because of the violence. Their experiences are often invisible but we should fight to bring them to the front page.


Guided tour “Elles també” by Anna Surinyach

Place: Carrer Major, Plaça Sant Pere, Carrer Hospital

Day and time: Sunnday 18 April, 12:00

Registration through the link

Free activity.


Organized by: Ajuntament de Sant Cugat and Festival Lumínic




Bernat  Millet

Cooperation Sant Cugat

Time: Street exhibition

La resiliencia del pueblo saharaui. Este proyecto enfoca su mirada en la vida cotidiana, en un relato de lo íntimo, donde el pilar de la familia sustenta unos campos cuyos habitantes viven sus vidas en un compás de espera. En este paraje inhóspito, desierto real y metafórico, brotan esperanzas. Sus habitantes se levantan para rebelarse contra la condena del olvido, contra los días no vividos, contra la desolación. Gritan, con voz áspera, que aún quedan fuerzas para seguir luchando.


Lluís Alabern

Time: Monday to Friday from 10 to 13:30, 17 to 20:30h

Saturday and Sunday close

Mercantic: Tuesday to Firday from 10 to 20h

I was really impressed by seeeing the city of Alepo destroyed. Insomnia took me to search images on the internet. I remembered the images in the news during my childhood, always with ruins of Beirut, rotten buildings, avenues full of stones, smoke, explosions... It seems big corporations need destroyed cities periodically. Drawing is my way of adhering to the world, so I started soiling paper capturing pictures of the main agencies that were covering the sirian war. I named the series Broken City. The drawings of Broken City are made with drive on a very fragile japanese paper, as fragile as the warlike scenario. With acrilic sepia, imitating the colors of vintage iconographies, or maybe recreating a dreamlike atmosphere. They are made to be shown forming a big mosaic, without hiding its fragility, or also blending with the normality of a frame shop.

el observatorioANXO_SANTIAGO.jpg


Gisela Riu Montes / IEFC

Time: 9:30 - 14:30, 16:30 - 21:00 / Sunday close

Shaktipat, or touch of energy, represents the dark side of the human being where everyone transits; the process of turning into light and being again: the expansion. In the silence of our thoughts we find a completely new world, full of riddles and doors still to open.




Students of the Grisart school

Outdoor exhibition on the street

The GRISART School participates with the second edition of Lumínic Festival with three students where they will show a large piece of work on the street.


Anna Galí - Proyecto "Time on Quaaludes and Red Wine"

Jean Mattiheu Gosselin - Project "No Surrender"

Marta Sellares - Project "Where they don't see us"


Luminic_Triangle 06.jpg


El Observatorio

Time: 9:15 - 13:00, 16:15 - 20:30 / Sunday close

This exhibition unites the projects of four authors that have completed the course “Author Documentary Photography” at the Observatory in 2018/2019. Each of them, even if in a different way, have performed a personal exploration of reality seeking for other dimensions. Underground worlds, imaginary, hidden, unconscious or desired worlds that acquire consistency thanks to photography.

In each project the image turns into a magical means that endorse imagination and opens an unexpected path towards what seems non-existent because we can’t see it: the mistery of the sky (Anxo Santiago), the colors don't exist (Luis Marín), the imaginary space generated by limits (Ares Molins) or a world in which we can disappear (Gala Seguí).

Hija de las tormentas_Gisela Riu Montes


UB Faculty of Fine Arts

Outdoor exhibition on the street

The Faculty of Fine Arts participates with the second edition of Lumínic Festival with three students where they will show a large piece of work on the street.


These alumens are:


Daniela Pancracia

Emili Agremí - Project "Can you hear me?"


Romina Almodóvar - Project "Return to the darkness"




Taller Triangle

Time: Monday from 16h to 21h, Tuesday to Friday from 10h to 21h, Saturday from 19h to 19h

The Workshop Triangle is a space of creation for children where the main goal is to approach art to children, art as an opportunity of opening and knowledge. In “El Triangle” processes are more important than results, and the critical look is fomented with the convincement that it takes us to multiple learnings. The exhibition My other selves is born from exploration through light and darkness, black and white contrast, and our shades. Shade as a simple and recurrent image, present in our daily life, and that can contain infinite realities. Working through body and cooperation, we have searched new gazes of ourselves and unexpected profiles have appeared as strange silhouettes. All of them invite us to open doors to new experiences and transit paces to unknown worlds.



Xavier Millan

Time: Monday to Friday 9:30 - 14:00, 15:00 - 19:30

Saturday and Sunday closed

Presentation with the artist: 15 of April at 19:30h until 19 of May


The series "El bosque oxidado" was conceived as a story, with the intention of showing a parallel universe that coexists with ours. With the disappearance of our way of life, nature renews, primitive and ancestral.


T 19.jpg


Manel Ubeda

Time: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 - 18:00

Sunnday and banck holidays from 10:00 - 15:00

Monday closed


After memory is an attempt to preserve one of the most emblematic leisure spots in Barcelona, during a period that seems far, but is part of our recent past.

Portraying the abandonment and the dismantling process of the istallations of Montjuïc theme park (1966-1998) with a sad and nostalgic view is the reflection of the transformation that the city has experienced, driven into a modernity where the vestiges of the past have small space.

Exhibition in collaboration with Photographic Social Vision 

Author of Manel Ubeda photo: Xavier Gómez.



Inzajeano Latif

Time: Moneday to Friday 17:00 - 21:00/ Saturday 10:30 - 13:30. Sunday close

Presentation: 16 of April at 19:30h until 21 of May


Essay (Extract) by Professor Henry Taylor, Buffalo University

This is Inzajeano Latif’s Tottenham.

Everywhere, the marginalized are being fucked.  Everywhere, we are dealing with the same circumscribed life chances and socioeconomic problems, including injustice and police violence.  And everywhere, including Tottenham, he says the outsiders view the places where we live as ghettos—blighted spaces that need transforming or removing.