Special Edition Bitter Sweet Soft BERNAT MILLET
  • Special Edition Bitter Sweet Soft BERNAT MILLET

    Millet focuses his gaze on everyday life, on a story of the intimate, where a strong sense of togetherness arises based on the pillar of the family, which sustains fields whose inhabitants live their lives in a waiting rhythm. In this way, the Saharawi people reinforce their identity, forging, day by day, through their values, a sense of belonging, trying to blur the scars that furrow their souls, giving way to a crack through which a small path opens. light.

    What about the perception of time in a place where the future is uncertain and the only thing that makes them stand up and keep fighting is the hope of liberation?

    Saharawi culture is drowned in a desert without spatial limits but limited in resources. In this inhospitable place, real and metaphorical desert, games and laughter erupt, in a seemingly barren land are hidden sprouts waiting to emerge. Its inhabitants rise up to rebel against the condemnation of oblivion, against the days not lived, against the wilderness, against the desolation. They shout, in a harsh voice, that there are still strengths to keep fighting.

    • Technical specifications

      Format: Sewing + hard cover lined with beige fabric with engraved titles

      Edition: First edition

      Paper: Tatami 135 g.

      Size: 20 x 30 cm

      Extension: 144pp

      Circulation: 500

      Texts: Jorge Molinero

      ISBN: 978-84-120387-0-5

    • Special edition

      Special edition of 10 copies of the book that includes an original 20 x 25 photograph on Hahnemühle paper numbered and signed by the author. You can choose between the images of the project. Once the purchase is made, we will send you an email so you can confirm the image you want.