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  • 0,99€

    0.99    is  a fieldwork of more than two years photographing in street markets and in their social spaces.

    I am fascinated by the culture of  the effort , innate in paradisiacs or fairgoers, that generation after generation struggle to dignify their craft.  It is, therefore, a tribute to his perseverance and dedication, and to his passion for his work. I am interested in connecting with these people and their immediate living environment, through a sincere and honest photograph: looks at what we find before and after a frantic business activity.

    • Technical specifications

      Size: 158 x 267 mm

      Number of pages: 86p (56p + 5 drop-downs in triptych)

      Binding: Stitched paperback. Soft cover with flaps.

      Paper: Fedrigoni Symbol Tatami 135g

      Includes a self-adhesive label leaflet on end guards.

      Idea and photographs by Jaume Parera

      Graphic edition by Jaume Parera, Ignasi López and Rafa Badía

      Foreword by Rafa Badia

      Design and art direction by La Bibliogràfica

      Printing: Aubert Press

      First edition of 400 copies, February 2022. Signed.

      ISBN: 978-84-09-37573-8

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