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Bitter Sweet Soft BERNAT MILLET
  • Bitter Sweet Soft BERNAT MILLET

    'Bitter Sweet Soft' is a series of environmental portraits of Saharawi people, an ethnic group originally from Western Sahara, living in the refugee camps of Tinduf, Algeria, in the middle of the desert since 1975.


    The project titles 'Bitter Sweet Soft' is the name of the ritual of pouring tea practiced by the Saharawi people. "They drink three cups of tea: the first is bitter like life, the second is sweet like love, the third is soft like death”


    Bitter sweet soft focuses on the daily life in the refugee camps, where a strong sense of unity arises based on the pillar of the family. In this way, the Saharawi people reinforce their identity, forging, day by day, through their values, a feeling of belonging, trying to blur the scars that mark their lives.


    In the inhospitable land of the desert its inhabitants rise up to rebel against the condemnation of oblivion. They shout, in a harsh voice, that there are still forces to continue fighting.


    The union of the Saharawi community opens our eyes to illuminate a scenario where the human being sees his essence elevated thanks to the noblest values ​​that emerge from within him.

    • Technical specifications

      Format: Sewed + hardcover lined with beige fabric with engraved titles

      Edition: First edition

      Paper: Tatami 135 g.

      Sizes: 20 x 30 cm

      Extension: 144pp

      Circulation: 500

      Photographs: Bernat Millet

      Texts: Jorge Molinero

      ISBN: 978-84-120387-0-5

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